Leave The Lights On
Leave The Lights On EP by Vivid // Composition, production and instruments
Awe Album by Shaking Godspeed / Suburban Records / Drums, composition
Pai Studio
Pai Studio Production studio in Pai, Thailand
AK Headphone Concerts
AK Headphone Concerts Concert series in Shenzhen, China / Piano, drums
Various modelling gigs
Various modelling gigs Fashion stuff and ads
AK Studio Shenzhen
AK Studio Shenzhen Recording/ production studio 2017-2019. Composition, production.
Perspections Improvisation based video series, for upcoming album The Moment. Composition, production.
Welcome Back Wolf
Welcome Back Wolf Album by Shaking Godspeed / Drums / Suburban Records
Tagima Guitars
Tagima Guitars Endorsement. Proudly using the Stella line.
Aire D'Assevillers
Aire D'Assevillers Musical comedy theatre by PIPS:LAB / Composition, performance, drums, keys, guitar
Hidden Wu
Hidden Wu Dance & theatre performance by Svitlana / Composition, production
Vodafone Music for two television commercials (The Race & Fietsen)
Shaking Godspeed
Shaking Godspeed Band / Drums, performance, production. 4 Albums on Suburban Records/ Drakkar.
Private Concerts by Maarten Rischen
Private Concerts by Maarten Rischen Solo or band performances in odd spaces / Composition, performance, keys, guitar, looping
Hoera Album by Shaking Godspeed / Drums / Suburban Records
Fermato Studio
Fermato Studio Recording/ production studio Arnhem, Holland. 2013-2017. Composition, production.
Paiste Cymbals
Paiste Cymbals Endorsement. Giant Beat series.
Maanman Theatre piece by TG Hunden, Utrecht. Composition, performance, keys, drums, samples.
Rex VS. Meisje
Rex VS. Meisje Musical theatre performance for Fringe Festival 2013 / Composition, performance, keys, samples
Musicmaker Writer, editor 2008-2014.
Roses Dance performance by De Dansers & Theater Strahl Berlin / Performance, piano, looping, drums, dance
Home Recording Magazine
Home Recording Magazine Editor-in-chief 2012-2014
Knalland Album by Knalland / Keys, production, composition
Old Masters Painted These Moments
Old Masters Painted These Moments Album by Tommy Ebben / Goomah Records / Production, keys
Shaking Godspeed
Shaking Godspeed Self-titled album by Shaking Godspeed / Bass, keys, production
Lords Of Altamont
Lords Of Altamont Band / Drums for European tour 2014
Dreamless Slumbers
Dreamless Slumbers Album by Tommy Ebben & The Small Town Villains / Goomah-V2-Excelsior Records / Production, keys
Brew Balls
Brew Balls Band, Shenzhen. Bass, keys.
Tommy Ebben & The Small Town Villains
Tommy Ebben & The Small Town Villains Band. Piano/ organ. 3 Albums on Goomah Records/ V2/ Excelsior.
Asylum Album by LBG / Production
Knalland Band - collective / Keys, composition and performance
Wild Romance
Wild Romance Movie / role of Dany Lademacher / guitar. imdb.com/title/tt0430592
Follow Me
Follow Me Circus performance by Codarts Rotterdam / Composition, performance, keys, guitar, samples
Volhard Album by Knalland / Keys, composition
Live Movie Soundtrack
Live Movie Soundtrack Improvisation concept Shenzhen, making live music over silent movies. Session leader.
Krause Band / keys, performance
Hot Club de Pai
Hot Club de Pai Band, gypsy jazz. Keys.
Nomadiks Studio/ music video project Shenzhen. Single Oh Me Oh My. Keys, drums, preproduction
A Whisper To Arms
A Whisper To Arms Album by Tommy Ebben & The Small Town Villains. Piano/ organ. Goomah Records/ V2/ Excelsior.
Silver Album with Lawn/ Sonny Weissmuller Recordings / Bass and preproduction
The Time Is Right - But What's Left Of It
The Time Is Right - But What's Left Of It Album by Plastic Halo / Production, guitar, keys
Korg Pianos
Korg Pianos Endorsement. Proudly using their SV-1 digital piano for studio and live.
At The Juke Joint
At The Juke Joint Tour w/ Shaking Godspeed. Drums.
I Only Want You
I Only Want You Circus performance by Codarts Rotterdam / Composition, performance, keys, samples
Affligem Musical theatre / composition, performance, keys, samples
Haier Music for television commercial 2019. Production/ composition.
Sin & Soul
Sin & Soul Tour with Knalland & La Boutique Fantastique
Goodmorning Tuesday
Goodmorning Tuesday Album by Plastic Halo / Production, guitar, keys
Undercover Sessions
Undercover Sessions Series of tribute shows to Muse (guitar/keys), The Doors (keys), Oasis (drums), Rolling Stones (keys)
Lawn Band, Bass / One album on Sonny Weissmuller Recordings.
Cynbel Album by Cynbel / Production
Fox Album by LBG / Production
Uncle Greg's Mixtape
Uncle Greg's Mixtape EP with Improv Logic. Production, composition, keys.
Pai Orchestra
Pai Orchestra Band, One live EP released online (see YT)
Brew Futian Jam Sessions
Brew Futian Jam Sessions Session leader 2016-2019
Ape X
Ape X Placeholder for all my other projects that only did one gig. This one has the best poster!
RMB Band, Shenzhen. Keys
Stereopoets Band, Shenzhen. Drums.
Adrian & Maarten
Adrian & Maarten Band, Shenzhen. Keys